Spreading positive Fatherhood

Dadly Does It builds on our exploratory project in neighbourhoods in Salford and in Rochdale Borough. Its aim was to find new ways and activities to improve the well-being of disadvantaged fathers and to understand whether or not this improves the well-being of their children.



The learnings over the six-year project were that improving the well-being of fathers from disadvantaged backgrounds can improve the well-being of their children. It can also improve the quality of family relationships and benefit the well-being of partners and ex-partners.


Case studies

Communities in Little Hulton in Salford, Winton in Salford, and Langley in Rochdale Borough took part in the project. In each neighbourhood, Dadly Does It focussed on ‘what’s strong, not what’s wrong’, and drew on the strengths, assets and hidden wisdom of communities.



To influence system change for the happiness and well-being of children, we have created a set of resources for other communities to use to help spread positive fatherhood.

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